The internet is a magical place. This is where I curate blogs, videos, and other stuff I've found on the internet that I love. I'm constantly amazed by how much high-quality information we have access to. Conversely, we also have access to a lot of low quality information. If you find yourself watching re-runs of the Office (which is a great show), I encourage you to turn off the tv and flip through any of the stuff below or read a great book!

Tim Urban Blog

Your Life in Weeks

Sometimes life feels really short. Other times it feels really long. One thing that's always true is that it's most certainly finite.

Joel Spolsky Blog

Amazon vs. Ben & Jerry's

When you're building a company, there's one very important decision to make: grow slowly, organically, and profitably, or whether to have a big bang with very fast growth and lots of capital? Joel breaks it down in this excellent post.