Rohun's ramblings.

I like to write, but can't stand editing. Therefore, I write and publish and quickly as possible. Please bear with my grammatical errors & any other stuff that doesn't make sense -- I like to move fast and publish!


Baby Products for New Parents

A lot of my friends ask me what they should get for their baby. I put together this list together with all of the items we found useful. Will keep this updated as our kids get older.

cold email viral ship

Cold emailing, Chamath Palihapitiya, and the Gavin Newsom Recall

In early 2021, I took an idea and turned it into a reality in 1 day. Within 24 hours, we were featured on CNBC, Fox News, and other major news outlets. I had far right-wing groups trying to recruit me to join their campaign to recall Gavin Newsom. Those people were crazy, but the experience was cool. Build cool stuff, ship fast, and you can connect with people you've admired from afar.


Bucket List

Some things I'd like to do in my life. Some of these I've done, some are still on the list!

systems productivity

My Productivity system

I'm constantly amazed at how people don't have a delibrate "system" for managing their tasks and projects. Here's the system I use in hopes that it's helpful for you.


The Coming Wealth Transfer

$68 TRILLION is going to be inherited by Millennials from their Baby Boomer parents. What will you do with your inheritance?


Saving vs investing money

When you are young, the most important thing to do is optimize where you can save money and not over-optimize where you are investing. I'll give a quick explanation of how to think about this when you're young and don't have a large amount of assets yet.