Hey, I'm Rohun.

Welcome to my online home. I like to talk about building companies, investing, and other nerdy business stuff.

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    Managing Executive Virtual Assistants

    I am in the top 0.01% of knowing how to operationalize Executive & Virtual Assistants to have a huge impact in a business. I scaled a Real Estate business to 9-figures in AUM using Executive Virtual Assistants to manage 100% of the back office. In this blog post, I'll teach you my process.


    My Productivity System

    I'm amazed at how people don't have a "system" for managing their tasks and projects. Here's a system that will help you prioritize, route items, and work on impact rather than only on volume. If you're having trouble keeping up with your day-to-day, this will likely help.

    Real Estate

    Why Real Estate Investors pay No taxes

    Real Estate investors in the U.S. pay the least amount of tax of any profession. When I learned this, my mental model of the world broke. In this post I'll explain to you how real estate investors use depreciation to defer taxes (and oftentimes pay no federal tax)!

    Who am I?

    I co-founded a Real Estate Private Equity firm called JT Capital. We buy 100-400 unit apartment complexes in Florida. We've acquired 9-figures of Real Estate. Prior to that I worked at Facebook and GE in Finance and Operations roles.

    • Likes: Not suprisingly, My strengths are everything I like to do. This includes launching businesses fast and validating product-market fit. Finding the initial customers. Taking a company from 0 to 1. I like to work with ambitious, intelligent, and high-integrity people that prioritize their work and move fast.
    • Pet peeves: Pessimism, inaction, slowness, bureaucracy, buzzwords.

    If what you're reading so far resonates with you, you can reach out to me here.